Light, supple, embroidery accessories made of thread "000"

It looks like metal, all accessories made of thread. That is Kasamori’s original brand “000” (Triple Ou).

Like a knit lace-shaped necklace and bracelet, pierced. Accessories woven with threads are surprisingly light and supple, and those who are not good with metal directly on skin can also be worn with peace of mind.

Founded as a woven fabric of kimono belt and transformed into an embroidery industry, “Kasamori” trial and error to develop original embroidery technology while handling various embroidery including fashion brand one point embroidery. In 2006 (Heisei 18), we developed our own technology “Kasamori lase”. It is a multicolor special race made by crochet, neither woven nor knitted but this is the “000” brand that was born in 2010 (Heisei 22) applying this technology

The details of the accessory are made of “thread ball” and embroidery which superimposed a number of threads in a spherical shape. One grain of grain is tightly packed but has elasticity and we connect them with threads. Although the embroidery is a thing to the original cloth as the foundation, 000 accessories have no foundation and are made only of threads. By calculating the threading style and density and programming while adjusting the state of the thread and the movement of the needle such as thickness and twist, the embroidery itself is finished in three dimensions.

In this way, the precise design of the design process is the life of 000, but the fine part which is the final process is corrected with one’s hand one by one. It is supported by the handwork of the women in Kiryu ‘s town that has been prosperous since the ancient times with textiles.

The brand name “000” contains a strong feeling for manufacturing making free ideas that are not bound by established concepts “create new value from scratch”.

The 3 elements of 000 (triple Ou)

□ Material

Metallic yarn with a sparkle of precious metal, yet it is thread. We use various materials such as fine silk, blended thread of silk and glossy material. By changing the recipe of making threads according to the shapes and parts to be created, we stick to original materials.

□ Technology

“Kasamori” started as a Kimono belt warehouse. We have been involved in textiles for 140 years. Our experience, craftsmanship, and considerable knowledge of yarn are included in each product. We finish it manipulating needles and thread at will.

□ Design

With a free idea, we are pursuing new possibilities created from threads. Aiming at a simple and timeless but unique form, We are proposing long-loved designs.