Embroidery of "Kasamori" with the warmth of handmade

“Kasamori”, founded as a belt cloth industry, introduced the Jacquard embroidery machine and turned into an embroidery work in 1962 (Showa 37).

Originally we started with Japanese style embroidery, but in parallel, we worked on one point embroidery of socks and gradually the original embroidery technology was established. We developed proprietary technology “Kasamori lase” and in 2006 (Heisei 18) is also designated “One company and one technology” in Gumma prefecture.

In the following 2007 (Heisei 19), we exhibited at Modemont, the clothing material department of Première Vision, the world’s largest textile exhibition in Paris, and the embroidered collar that was exhibited was selected as VIP Products.

We utilize the cultivated technology to plan clothing accessories and new embroidery processed items, and we are working together with people from domestic and overseas designers and apparel makers to make good products on a daily basis. We are working on all kinds of clothing processing from kimono to western clothing, and we are producing high-quality products based on the high level of technical capabilities of cutting-edge embroidery machines and technologies such as laser cutting and skilled artisans.

In addition, Kasamori’s embroidery has the warmth of handmade work while being precise machine embroidery. At the factory, we program the movement of the sewing needle according to the design, but the sewing machine is a very delicate machine. It may react to slight differences in temperature and humidity, and troubles may appear. For that reason, craftsmen observe the movement of the sewing machine and adjust the tension of the thread in millimeters. The sensation of an experienced craftsman is to say things. By pouring technique and time generously like this, Kasamori’s embroidery is completed.

In addition to general embroidery, you can see a part of various techniques such as laser cutting, printing, embroidery on kimono on the embroidery technique page. Please visit the sawtooth factory in Kiryu City, Gumma Prefecture.