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Embroidery processing and original products "000"- to meet customer's request.

000 (Triple Ou)

The original brand of 000 (Triple Ou) was born from the accumulation of experience as an embroidery maker. Necklaces and pierced earrings made from special sewing machines using embroidery technology are surprisingly light and dressed in a unique atmosphere.

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Embroidery processing

“Kasamori” was founded as a Japanese style woven fabric in 1877 (Meiji 10). After that, it turned to embroidery work, and further developed its own race technology “Kasamori lase”, now it also provides embroidered parts to famous domestic and international Maison.

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Thanks to all, we have been in business for 140 years.

From the belt textile industry to the embroidery industry, we are aiming for more innovative embroidery
1877 (Meiji 10)
Textile business in Kiryu started
Initially, he power was taken with a water wheel to twist and dye,
weave a kimono band with a hand-woven loom
1917 (Taisho 5)
The company name changed from Kasaga fabric to Kasamori fabric
1949 (Showa 24)
“Kasamori Donation” produces a kimono belt, making a big hit
1962 (Showa 37)
Embroidery work started
1972 (Showa 47)
The name changed to Kasamori Co., Ltd.
2001 (Heisei 13)
Established PT.KASAMORI in Indonesia (withdrawing in 2005)
2006 (Heisei 18)
Designated as “one company and one technology” in Gunma prefecture
2007(Heisei 19)
2007(Heisei 19)
Exhibited at “modamont” in 2007 (Heisei 19) and selected as VIP Products
2010 (Heisei 22)
“000 (Triple Ou) brand launched
2014 (Heisei 26)
“Sphere” series won the Good Design Gunma Award
2015 (Heisei 27)
“Sphere Silk Lariette” won the Good Design Gunma Encouragement Award
“Sphere necklace (now sphere color)” is certified as the wonder 500
2016 (Heisei 28)
“Pair design butterfly tie and necklace” won the Good Design Gunma Award
2017 (Heisei 29)
「Triple Ou」 “000” won the gold medal of hospitality selection

Shopping site of the original brand “000” (Triple Ou)

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9th-13th Feb 2018
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7th-9th Feb 2018
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