Embroidery technique

While there are various embroidery methods, here we will introduce a few of the techniques that we carry out at Kasamori. We feature not only embroidery but many techniques, so as we post images and detailed descriptions of each item, it can be used as a compilation of techniques. There are many times where various techniques, like laser cutting and printing, are combined at our facility, so it might be fun for you to take a look at how many are used in the creation of your item.

Jacquard embroidery

~ Embroidery with Jacquard type embroidery machine ~

Jacquard is a type of opening device used for looms. It was named after its’ inventor, Jacquard. Jacquard looms commonly use paper so they are referred to as stitch weaving machines.

The earliest embroidery machines use the same principle as Jacquard’s device, reading holes in a patterned crest paper guiding a needle to raise and lower a warp, producing cloth. As such, it was referred to as a Jacquard-type embroidery machine.

Nowadays the machine has become electronic but its original given name remains.

This may be because the Jacquard principle is closely related to the electronic system as it was applied to computers. Nowadays, embroidery sewn with an automatic sewing machine (a Jacquard embroidery machine) is called Jacquard embroidery. If you use the multi-head type, you can sew several embroideries at the same time.

However, you need to make sure to sew according to – * . Sometimes it is called Jaguard instead of Jacquard. We have introduced embroidery sewn with the Jacquard machine at our facility.

Special sewing machine

- embroidery sewn with special sewing machine -

A ‘unique sewing machine’ is a generic term for professional sewing machines that are made for specific purposes. When all-purpose machines or hand sewing cannot be used, or using them would be difficult and take time, these ‘unique machines’ are used. They are built to quickly and easily sew specialized sewing projects.

Sometimes the abbreviated term “special” is used. These include sewing machines not only for embroidery but also for button attachments, etc. Here, we are mainly introducing what we have made with a special embroidery sewing machine.


- Printing patterns onto fabric -

Prints are used to apply dye to fabric. We provide various kinds of prints.

Laser processing

- Processing using laser -

A laser processing machine can create sculptures and designs with a laser.

It can cut complicated and fine patterns or molds that could not be done by human hands. By adjusting the laser, you can also engrave with the heat of the laser, which gives this tool added utility.

Hand embroidery

- Embroidery processing by human hands -

Handmade embroidery work. When embroidering by hand, expressions such as “finished by hand” or “sewn by hand” are occasionally used.


- Japanese style embroidery -

This is embroidery used for kimono, kimono belts, kimono accessories, etc., whose patterns, colors, thread and such are different from Western clothing.